For too long people have considered the .380 round “NOT ENOUGH” for personal defense.

Due to the extremely small size (85gr-99gr), those in the Personal Defense world have ruled it out as a contender.Federal HST

ballistic test 380
 Though I’m not a fan of the .380 round personally for many reasons, I decided to see what damage these little rounds can do through Meat/Ribs/and FBI Grade ballistic gel. Time to see first hand if the Rumors are true….(Watch Video Below)

After Testing I’m still not a believer in the .380 round due to this being only one test(More To Come), I was however very impressed by its performance. It’s hard to determine whether to give the credit to the .380 round itself, or to the ever so popular Federal HST projectile. More Tests are to come on GY6vids YouTube channel, and looking forward to seeing future results!

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