•  Which rifle is truly the best?  (See video footage of AK vs. AR here)
  • Which one should you buy?
  • Pros and Cons of each…

We have all heard it more times then we can count, “The AK-47 is way more reliable than an AR-15!”, “The AR-15 is more of a precision rifle!” Frankly the constant battle between these two weapons is tiresome to say the least. If everyone just took a step back from their “keyboard battlefield,” and really looked at the details of each of these rifles, they would see that they’re comparing apples to oranges. Yes, some people may prefer an apple over an orange, but it doesn’t make the orange any less tasty to the orange lovers out there.


What makes one rifle “BETTER” than another? What really become the deciding factors?

  • Durability?
  • Accuracy?
  • Ergonomics ?
  • Reliability ?
  • Proper Caliber For The Job?

Most would say one or more of the listed attributes would be an absolute must to have in a weapon but, when you really think about it, it’s all circumstantial.

The needed durability of any weapon really comes down to how you will be using it. Many weapon systems aren’t as durable as the AK-47, but that doesn’t mean those weapons are a bad choice for the job.

There are also many weapons that are less accurate than the AR-15, but it doesn’t mean they’re less suitable for certain situations. Just as the Ak can be plenty accurate for certain situations as well.

The list of pros and cons can go on and on, but it all comes down to What type of rifle do YOU need!


 “This guy is missing the point, its about an overall better weapon system!” – Armchair Quarterbacks

Yes, we all can agree that an AK-47 is a reliable weapon and, yes, we all can agree the AR-15 is an accurate weapon, but this is all circumstantial! Unless you plan on taking your weapon into the jungles of Cambodia, or “accidentally” filling your weapon with mud, you don’t need the extreme reliability of an AK. That being said, unless you need to put quarter sized groups on target, there is no absolute need for the AR-15’s accuracy….You guys getting the picture yet?….We are comparing apples and oranges! So no matter what your choice is, whether it be AK or AR, make the choice about how YOU will use it.

Both the AK and the AR rifles are fantastic firearms in my opinion. If you want a “MUD GUN” choose the AK-47, if you won’t be throwing your gun in the mud, and want some more accuracy, grab the AR-15.

   Before you buy either of these rifles, make sure you ask yourself these simple questions:

  • “Do I need a bigger, less accurate bullet, or a smaller, more accurate bullet”
  • “Will I need a gun to perform without much maintenance, or will I have time to clean my weapon?”
  • “Is accuracy what I’m shooting for, or am I ok with a little less precision?” 
  • “Ergonomically and Situationally, which one am I more comfortable with?  


You ask yourself these questions, and you will have your answer, because in the end, it’s about which is better…FOR YOU!



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