DEAR American’s 

Being BRAVE doesn’t exist without FEAR! It takes no bravery if you’re not afraid of the potential outcome.
Our Country is currently lacking true bravery…
It will destroy us!

-Dear America’s,
Dare to step out into something you’re unsure of, and have the courage to attempt something without knowing the outcome. Take a leap into the unknown to pursue something NO ONE ELSE has had the guts to attempt, because it’s only then will you find your purpose.

Dont Follow
Dont follow

Many people are content with following a leader they don’t agree with! This keeps them from making the hard choices, and from being responsible for anything worth while.
We need a generation once again that’s BRAVE enough to FAIL! Like the generation of WWII and the Great Depression, who stood in the face of impossible tasks, and had the guts to fight against it.
 Whether your current issues are your fault or not, it’s strictly up to you to change your Status Quo.
– Dare to take the Job you don’t want to do, to get yourself to the Career you desire!
– Be Brave enough to strive for the things people think is impossible, that way you can achieve what people thought was impossible.
– Step out into the unknown with hope to find something unknown to us.
– Be Smart enough to learn from History, so we aren’t doomed to make the same mistakes.

I choose to have hope in a world of chaos! True Bravery is key to our success….and it starts with a single choice…
What Will You Do With Your Life?

-Andrew Boetjer with GY6vids

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